Required HHA Course Content

Proper Infection Control

Proper Hand Washing

Proper Glove Removal

Fire Safety

Emergency Situations

HIV/Aides Prevention

Food Born Illnesses Prevention & Kitchen Safety

Medical Error Prevention and Safety

Domestic Violence

Resident Rights


CPR Adult/Child/Infant

Mechanics of Artificial Life Support

Fundamentals of human physiology (circulatory system) and CPR applications

Emergency Situations Procedures

Medical Record Documentation and Legal Aspects

Measuring Pulse and Respirations

Measuring Blood Pressure

Measuring Blood Glucose Level

Measuring and Recording the Content of Urinary bag

Measuring and Recording Vitals

Hair & Nail Care

Mouth Care

Denture Care

Partial Bed Bath

Assisting with Bedpan

Assisting with Medication


Wheel Chair Transfer

Communication with Cognitively impaired clients

Common Illnesses of the Elderly

End of Life Care